The same city two furniture exhibition PK fighting still win?

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In September this year, home ring lively. In continental Europe there, rare in Paris Home Furnishing fashion design exhibition, open a window, let China art and design perfectly bright phase. Yu Wen is not scattered, Chinese media immediately changed the direction, because Shanghai here in Shanghai, both before and after the super scale furniture foot opening, and all the furniture brand and Heiner Chinese cutting-edge design products. Thus, the same city on both sides of the river, full of hot and wonderful home flavor".
If you are still interested in home decorating and lifestyle, these things about the home front will have to pay attention to. Otherwise, when the mind is what trends and trends are not concepts, but into the city Home Furnishing persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, will certainly lose direction. Once fooled, it can not blame others.
"DOD designer works exhibition fair, a big wave of cutting-edge design concern
To explore the trend of home, grasp the way of life, the degree of entertainment furniture exhibition continued to improve
Furniture to customized, intelligent upgrade, to facilitate life
Because of competition, the furniture brand showed the best products for people to judge
More and more brands, more and more hi style, the more detailed the price level, if there is no point of experience and vision, to the point of the home thing, it really can not be shot.
A city with two exhibition held at the same time, what? Who has more appeal? Who make people feel worthwhile? Then you will see. As for the concern and like you, they are fighting? Still win? We do not jump to conclusions. Everything in the scene, the future fate still need to consider. Come and join us.
Global furniture innovation
The twenty-first China International Furniture Fair (2015 China International Furniture Fair)
At this time, China held the twenty-first International Furniture Exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center and the Expo exhibition, Chinese brand and global boutique scene, as a visual feast, attracting all love people. As the veteran professional furniture exhibition of loyal fans, observant and alert the Beijing Youth Daily "thousand times" and every year to Home Furnishing - beijing. This time, coincides with another competitive exhibition, attracted various brands to stand out, full performance, "their best", this time, we were certainly not with good passing. When you drink a cup of tea, when looking at this report, we are the exhibition site to help you to seek for good furniture experience highlights about trends and home life.
Approached the global furniture hot eyes
On the first day of September 9th, we began to explore the national furniture hot 2015 tour.
In the face of 25 countries and regions, nearly 3000 home brands, how to go?. First of all, in the W shop for a long time, including the international brand Museum, modern furniture museum and the original design of the museum, you can see the new trend of international and domestic mainstream home brands this year and next.
Secondly, to experience the charm of the original DOD designers in the E8, compared to last year, this year, an increase of 80% of the area, but also to invite more new forces involved in the design. For example, this year in Milan Furniture Fair high-profile brand "as the next designer Yuan Yuan ROOY, APEC Muyan constant cloud conference of the designer, watercress being touted squeak sound, a new member of Fuji design, BUT design, preliminary design, and the original brand lost and found, to find a way, workshop, Dong Guan Xi the mountain, homes, furnishings, wooden pavilion, by Gu Fu and play out of the eastern etc.. In the view of "thousand times", although the original design of some mature, some is still young, but everyone to "love the original design and selfless, needs to be recognized, but also need to have the responsibility to support the commercial brand.

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