Rules for the survival of office furniture

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By the anti-corruption environment, raw material costs continue to improve and the impact of many factors, such as industry competition, office furniture into the shuffle stage. Faced with severe crisis of survival of the office furniture industry, more active than ever to explore a new way out. Store sales has not been the main channel of office furniture marketing; the majority of enterprises are still using door-to-door marketing, government procurement, exhibition and other traditional marketing model. In recent years, with professional office furniture stores, Xianghe Zhongyi City, Shijiazhuang Dongming Dimoma office furniture office furniture museum, provides a new choice for the office furniture business marketing.
So, settled in the store vendors how to better survive? I visited the settled merchants, summed up the five survival rules.
Rule 1: you need to work hard to choose the booth
Settled in the choice of booth, first find out the market positioning and product style, product selection and matching of the booth, don't try to save money blindly to narrow the area, but also avoid yihuhuhuapiao. Such as children's furniture because smaller, relatively small exhibition area will be able to meet the product display; but the larger volume of office furniture, so settled booth selection to fully consider the characteristics of their products, select the appropriate display area, and accordingly, the scientific division of the exhibition space. Xianghe Zhongyi furniture store in this area is worth learning from the place, it is basically a booth in the hundreds of square meters. Of course, settled in accordance with their own products and sales needs to choose, can not blindly pursue large exhibition hall. Because the larger the area, the higher the cost of operation; if the unit area sales decrease, it will squeeze profit margins.
Rule two: avoid the homogenization of products and display
Office furniture product homogeneity is not an individual phenomenon. The fuzzy part of brand positioning, product appearance, function and similar materials, such as most of the man-made sheet, color to brown, gray, Hu Taoshai, similar to the design, little difference. Single means settled display products, most products simply put, is the largest aquarium, bonsai, put several samples in the desktop computer, or put a few pots of green plants in the corner, no "soft decoration" consciousness, no sense of booth design. Many manufacturers hope to seize market share through rapid expansion, so the same brand in the same store has a lot of two booths. Expansion strategy does not matter right or wrong, but settled in the same store to display the same furniture, to some extent, also led to the homogenization of store products.
Settled in accordance with their own strength (such as operating capacity, the ability to resist risks) to a reasonable expansion, focus on the quality of operations rather than quantity, to avoid the trend shop......
The author believes that the introduction of the concept of the office environment in the terminal stores, to a certain extent, weakening the homogenization of the problem, so as to enhance the added value of the product. It is said that "weakening" rather than "eliminating" homogenization is mainly based on the objective stage of development of office furniture. Weaken the homogeneity of office furniture products may wish to combine the concept of office space, when the product display into more personalized style. Settled business may wish to use their brains to create an attractive office space, to promote the completion of the purchase behavior. I believe that the practice of a variety of furniture exhibition is worth learning. In the office furniture exhibition, we can see that most of the exhibitors booth after each booth design, give a person does not feel the same; if settled in store booth proper input of funds, according to the design aesthetic style and target customers of their products, I believe there will be a different effect on sales will be play a role in promoting.

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