Old furniture market is very vast business door a lot

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Recycling of waste furniture, which is not a small business in layman's eyes, in many industry people's eyes, this is a thankless business, not to earn money at all, but in some smart people's eyes this is an invisible gold deposit, a year of net 4489 yuan is not difficult at all.
A look at Home Furnishing market, fine people market extension
Liu, Hubei Jingzhou people, furniture recycling business has more than ten years, he moved more, always keep the annual net 4489 yuan net profit.
Liu said, in the eyes of many people waste furniture recycling is not a profitable business, first of all, the waste furniture of large volume, difficult to handle; secondly, a lot of waste furniture are sheet products, recycling value is not high. In fact, this is some "stupid" idea. Waste furniture market is actually very broad, if only stare at the home market, it is difficult to gold.
Like their main focus on three categories of market:
First, the office furniture, many enterprises will be eliminated obsolete office furniture, because they had selected material, but in order to corporate image, office furniture as long as a little bit of damage will be eliminated. This kind of furniture recycling price is not high, but a little polish, repair, sold to some town and township enterprises or some start-ups, is only 66% off of the original price, as the recovery still has a high profit, a boss can earn a few hundred dollars table. If you can not find buyers, because of their choice of office furniture, most of the solid wood, that is, split the sale of raw materials can also make money.
Two, on the demolition market, now many city are engaged in the demolition, demolition and reconstruction, the cottage is the basic object. To outsiders, these places are at the bottom of society where people live, not what the baby, in fact wrong! Because these houses are before liberation or the early liberation of the people for the construction, wood is not a high degree of concern, a lot of furniture is made of solid wood, some old, old mahogany door or window it. Because of these people at the bottom of society, lack of knowledge collection brings opportunities, give us such recovery. We sometimes go to the ruins of the night to find these baby. For example, some of the old houses of the wooden window, a little bit of a processing can be worth double art. This is their most important profit point, about about two hundred thousand yuan a year net profit.
The three is to focus on the transfer of shops, the economic downturn, the better our business. Because the business downturn will be the transfer of shops, and some people opened the door closed, which is the law of the market. But also because of the economic downturn, they are not willing to spend money to buy new furniture, it is best to walk before used furniture package to buy over, save time, save money. Now catering, clothing two types of stores business is the best.
Many business men, Denver at least five years
Liu said, the old furniture recycling business seems very simple, is to have people throw waste furniture, you have recovered, and then sell the idea so simple, in fact, a lot of inside the doorway.
First, know the wood. Now the furniture market, many people are forging dragons and fishes jumbled together, solid wood furniture, do not know if the recovery of wood, recycling "flow field" (fake), is likely to enter, non solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture to close, lose big hair. On the contrary, will be able to make a lot of mahogany furniture, as ordinary furniture for sale, but also compensate for the big. But to the trained 35 year piercing eye, there is not a. So this leads to the second rule - apprentice.
Secondly, to study. Because this is the need to experience, and counterfeiters wits, a commoner in this line is either a bottom off or cheated, like most people, can only do Home Furnishing market, peibenzhuanyaohe. So many entrants are to mentor. Like when they enter the worship of the master, by the master can take at least three years of detours.
Third, the best craft. The so-called technology is carpentry, you can put some of the old furniture polish, repair, this technology, the vast majority of carpenters will. If the recycling craft will be able to earn more profits, because many furniture does not need to change hands again, in your hands can achieve maximum economic benefits.
Fourth, to have their own team. This is not only the informant, the police team? In fact doing this is to some, such as where to demolition, where there are shops closed, the access to information is not much for the recycling of waste furniture people, and recycling is a lot, because people need to move, the first reaction is to collect waste call so, you and a lot of waste collection to establish a cooperative relationship, as long as there is work, they give their own call, according to the number of paid informer fees earned". In fact, this model is used in many parts of the country.

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