Industry competition Home Furnishing enterprises how to cultivate his army against?

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Renmin University of China's first release of the "2016 Chinese college students entrepreneurship report" shows that China's college students in the University of the students considered the venture, and 18.2% of students have a strong entrepreneurial intentions. The data again shows that since the "public entrepreneurship, innovation has become a national strategy, the country is to set off a wave of entrepreneurship, and, with the call of the national policy and support, as well as the impact of entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, the establishment of platform, entrepreneurial wave will be intensified.
The public business, not only can create wealth, but also to better realize their spiritual pursuit and value of life, at the same time, also added more market players, then provides the inner source of power for economic development. Specific to the traditional building materials industry, entrepreneurship can not only help people achieve the entrepreneurial dream of getting rich, but also for research products, technology, business model innovation, may provide more marketing system, so as to inject new vitality into the industry. The overall development of the industry was like a raging fire doors and windows with doors and windows, largely thanks to Palma and his whole door and window these brands have to lead and promote the entrepreneurial force.
It is understood that the whole Palma windows deep market and the overall window mode of innovative promotion, the simple style door, bedroom door, balcony doors, kitchen doors, windows, doors and windows of the sun room and other Home Furnishing products together, to subvert the industry's traditional single product model, break through the bottleneck of the development in the business industry the mode of. At the same time, but also by virtue of the enterprise has become the industry's dark horse, enterprises will be bigger and stronger, and attract a large number of aspiring entrepreneurs who joined the doors and windows industry, and become a solid backing for the road of entrepreneurship escort them.
However, in recent years, the building materials industry reshuffle intensified, coupled with a few years ago too many companies into the market, the market is relatively saturated windows and doors, making the doors and windows of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are not good personal days. So, Palma is how the whole window contrarian, in the enterprise development into the overall leadership of the brand at the same time windows, and help nearly 500 entrepreneurs realize the dream of getting rich? In this regard, Palma and Wang pointed out that the biggest overall, is the law of enterprises and dealers to maintain a balance, who do not constitute one of the cheapest, namely win-win situation. "We need to achieve win-win situation, enterprises and dealers on the basis of the agreement, duties, promises, both sides need to pay."
As a business side, to do a solid backing entrepreneurs
Said Great trees are good for shade. selection, high product quality, good market reputation, comprehensive policies to support brand enterprises as partners, entrepreneurs can be a lot easier. Overall, the company should at least provide support for dealers in the product and support policies:
1 high quality products
For industrial operation, the product is the foundation, is also the key factor test of enterprise development, there is no good product that business to consumer talk, that is nothing to talk about winning the market and long-term development. For a long time in dealing with first-line consumers and dealers, enterprise products is directly related to their stores of vital importance. Therefore, whether it is from the enterprise or the dealer's own development, to provide high quality, high quality and high quality windows and doors should always be a commitment to honor the dealer.
Palma Chen Longhua shop doors and windows have a deep understanding about it, he said, himself in the building materials industry veteran of nearly ten years, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams finally in collaboration with Palma, the key lies in the enterprise can provide consumer confidence and favorite products. "For doors and windows decoration effect, more related to the family safety, product quality can not be ignored, in this regard, Palma whole windows was in place, such as the selection of high precision silicon magnesium alloy and double glass, and is equipped with high-end hardware accessories, from the source to ensure the quality is better than the ordinary glass doors and windows." Moreover, Palma hit the whole door and window style, doors and windows design lines clear, use more simple patterns or decorative patterns, layout with symmetrical or balanced distribution, simple extraordinary, very popular 80 90 young consumer groups welcome.
2 improve and put in place support policies
Many industry insiders have pointed out that the company can have a good dealer team, the key lies in whether the company's support policies are comprehensive and in place, we can see that the excellent dealer is raised out. The whole Palma windows since its inception, through the introduction of advanced technology and talents and enterprise strength, for dealers to provide staff training, exhibition design, decoration subsidies, promotional activities, advertising, etc. eight stores operating guide support, let them in the process of training, systematic understanding of product information, marketing skills, promotion strategy, and arrange for someone to guide them to apply their knowledge, knowledge will be used in store operations effectively improve its sales.
As an individual, we should strengthen our faith and play subjective initiative
Relative to science and technology, the Internet and other sectors of the venture, the building materials industry, entrepreneurship and other aspects of the low level of personal skills, generally speaking, in the support of enterprises, individuals are easy to operate. But people can not completely rely on enterprise support, etc. ", especially with eat a ready-cooked meal" market competition is brutal, individual entrepreneurs should play their own initiative, aimed at a bank, ran to do a line, single line mentality.
1 recognize yourself, aim at the target
Who knows, self wins

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